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    Yorktown News: Lowe’s in Yorktown Seeks March 27 Opening

By BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER    March 13, 2019

YORKTOWN, N.Y. – Lowe’s is scheduled to open on Wednesday, March 27, an executive at Breslin Realty told Yorktown News.

All that remains for the 124,000-square-foot store on Crompond Road is the issuance of a certificate of occupancy by the town’s building inspector. The certificate can be issued when all conditions of the approved site plan, such as landscaping and mitigation, are satisfied.

Breslin Realty, a Garden City-based developer, has also reached agreements with nearly all neighboring homeowners regarding sewer hook-ups, which were promised as part of the approved site plan. Breslin Realty’s attorney, Michael Grace, had called the plan “ambiguous” and questioned the scope of the sewer connections. Ultimately, he said, the developer would live up to whatever the Planning Board said its obligations were.

Some Old Crompond Road homeowners have received connections while some have received payouts. Ann Kutter, who has represented homeowners at several meetings, said five properties have been successfully connected by Breslin, two received an undisclosed amount of cash, and another is scheduled to connect using a different contractor. The final property owner is working out details with Breslin regarding shared costs, Kutter said, because the equipment needed to make the connection would destroy the driveway.

Town Supervisor Ilan Gilbert said John Landi, the building inspector, is in the process of meeting with various advisory boards and department heads regarding Lowe’s. If there are no objections, he said, Lowe’s should open by its desired date of March 27.

If, however, there are issues and a temporary certificate of occupancy is needed, Gilbert said, he expects the Town Board to be accommodating. A temporary certificate of occupancy would allow Lowe’s to open for 180 days while satisfying outstanding issues with its site plan.

“We’re not doing anything to hold them up,” Gilbert said.

In addition to Lowe’s and its 25,448-square-foot garden center, the project also includes three pad sites, possibly for restaurants and a bank. Tenants for those three buildings have not been announced.

Lowe’s recently held a two-day hiring event, during which potential employees for more than 100 positions were interviewed.

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