• 06.23.22

    News 12: Holiday Farms to replace King Kullen in Franklin Square

The Holiday Farms grocery chain will open in place of the King Kullen in Franklin Square.
King Kullen will be closing on July 14, and by the end of the summer, the new supermarket will be moving in.
Holiday Farms CEO David Mandell said in a statement that they are excited about opening the store in Nassau County.
He says they plan to remodel the store, enlarging the produce, deli and bakery areas and adding sushi.
Franklin Square Chamber of Commerce President Lisa Dellipizzi says the new supermarket will give the economy a boost.
“It’s very positive, I think it will help the deli on the corner, the pizza place, Baskin’ Robbins, everybody there,” Dellipizzi says.
King Kullen said in a statement that it was an honor serving Franklin Square.
Shoppers say they are a little sad but will try out the new chain due to convenience.
The Franklin Square store will be the eighth Holiday Farms on Long Island.
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